Tuesday, April 28, 2009

UCD repository reaches 1,000 items

UCD Library is building a repository of full text research outputs from UCD staff. The Institutional Repository (IR) also forms part of national and international portals. We are focusing on select areas in the first phase, and are pleased to have reached a milestone of 1,000 records. Check http://irserver.ucd.ie/dspace/

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Get arXiv postings on your iPhone or iPod touch

ArXiview is a new iPhone application billed as "a very easy way to surfthe last few weeks of arXiv postings."

Developed by Paul Gingsparc then of the Los Alamos Nattional Laboratoryand now of Cornell University, arXiv.org provides "Open Access to534,588 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, QuantitativeBiology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics."

arXiview was designed by Dave Bacon, a theoretical physicist at theUniversity of Washington, ...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Open Access briefing paper

JISC have updated their short Open Access briefing paper

Access to world-wide knowledge in informatics, 1 million plus items

In collaboration with partners, among them the Gesellschaft für Informatik, the University of Trier and international publishers, FIZ Karlsruhe offers a web portal for computer science. io-port.net pools information from several computer science sources (among them our CompuScience file) which formerly had only been available separately. The portal provides access to more than one million publications from these sources in a standardized format, covering all areas of computer science and related disciplines. The portal is constantly updated with additional content.

The database covers the time range from 1931 to the present. This makes it the most comprehensive source of data on the historical development of computer science. The database contains bibliographical meta data, links to electronic full-texts and, for most of the references, article summaries or abstracts written by scientists.

Monday, April 20, 2009

We Need Publishing Standards for Datasets and Data Tables

OECD has released a white paperwhich examines the problems with current data discoverability and citations and the remedy in creating industry standards for bibliographic dataset metadata and linking.

Written by Toby Green, Head of Publishing at OECD and an expert in data publishing, the paper details the problems with user ability to locate and reference online data. Datasets are a significant part of the scholarly record and being published much more frequently but with widely inconsistent metadata, links and citations.

Green, T (2009), “We Need Publishing Standards for
Datasets and Data Tables”, OECD Publishing White Paper,
OECD Publishing.
doi: 10.1787/603233448430

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Announcing New Cognitive Science Network, Social Science Research Network

SSRN opens new cognitive science section

Mark Turner, Announcing New Cognitive Science Network, Social Science Research Network, April 14, 2009.

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Cognitive Science Network (CSN). It will provide a worldwide, online community for research in all areas of cognitive science, following the model of other subject matter networks within SSRN.

We expect CSN to become a comprehensive online resource for research in cognitive science, providing scholars with access to current work in their field and facilitating research and scholarship. ...

Welcome to the International Repositories Infrastructure wiki

This wiki is for those interested in:
1. developing coordinated action plans for specific areas of repository development
2. pursuing those plans
3. coordinating that activity internationally

Briefing materials
Alma Swan has produced and is maintaining a set of briefing materials that support this work by documenting current work under a range of headings relevant to the action plans. If you have any updates on any of these, please either email Alma so that she can update the map versions to match.
Author identification
Copyright and licensing
Harvesters - national and international
Harvesters - subject- or discipline-based
Ingest - selected issues
Institution identifiers
Peer review
Persistent identifiers
Prestige and profiling services
Repository software
Repository support organisations
Usage reporting and metrics
User services
Validation and certification of repositories

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dramatic Growth of Open Access 2009

This quarter, the growth of open access has been dramatic in open access journals, open access archives, and, perhaps most noteworthy, open access policies. The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is on the verge of an important milestone - 4,000 fully open access, peer-reviewed journals, double the number of the largest commercial publisher. DOAJ is growing at the rate of 2 titles per day. OpenDOAR lists 1,373 repositories, an increase of about 70 this quarter. Scientific Commons now encompasses 26 million items, an increase of 2 million. 663 journals are now voluntarily participating in PubMedCentral, an increase of 119 (22%) this quarter. 447 journals provide immediate free access through PubMedCentral, an increase of 29 (7%) this quarter. There are 11 more open access policies, for a total of 72 policies worldwide, and 4 more proposed policies, for a total of 14 proposed policies. One decrease is noted - not in open access per se, but rather subscription journals providing free back issues: Highwire Press seems to have 212,000 fewer free articles, a decrease of 10%.