Thursday, May 19, 2011

Large survey of author attitudes towards Open Access publishing

8,000 authors favour Open Access and see direct evidence of the positive impact/

Today InTech, an Open Access publisher, has made available results from a recent survey of over 8,000 authors to determine their attitudes towards Open Access.

The benefits of the Open Access (OA) model continue to be debated by publishers and librarians, but relatively little research has been undertaken to understand the attitudes of researchers. It was with this in mind that InTech, a commercial Open Access publisher with a focus on book publishing, commissioned TBI to survey its 25,000 author- base to help better understand researcher awareness of and attitudes towards this evolving model.

The survey attracted a very high response rate – 32% (over 8,000) of InTech authors responded, showing a high level of interest and engagement. Responders were drawn from all over the world, and most defined their role as ‘researcher’ (78%) covering a broad range of specialties.

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