Friday, March 19, 2010

HSE’s Lenus joins global science gateway

The HSE’s online repository for health research, has been accepted as part of the WorldWideScience Alliance, the internet-based global science gateway.

This is a considerable achievement and represents an important step in Lenus’ innovative programme to increase the profile and effectiveness of research in the Irish health services. The Lenus repository is maintained by the Regional Library in Dr Steevens’ Hospital, and since its inception has worked to provide a platform for researchers working in the HSE to make their work available to colleagues, both in Ireland and around the world. In Lenus, researchers create their own web pages to share information and contacts online with others engaged in similar work. This facilitates the inter-disciplinary exchange of ideas and findings, making Lenus a key research hub in the Irish health sector.

Read the full press release

and visit the WorldWideScience Alliance here

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