Thursday, November 5, 2009

Brill introduces Open Access option for authors

Brill Open
Brill also offers its journal authors the option to make their articles freely available online in Open Access upon publication. The Brill Open publishing option enables authors to comply with new funding body and institutional requirements (for example those in place from the Wellcome Trust and the NIH, and announced for several other funding bodies and universities).

The Brill Open option will be available for all journals published under the imprints Brill, Martinus Nijhoff and VSP. The Article Processing Fee for this service is € 2,000 / $ 3,000 per article and does not cover any additional author fees (such as color charges) as well as taxes where applicable.

Payment of the Article Processing Fee will enable articles to be available on Brill’s primary online service to non-subscribers, as well as to subscribers to that journal. It will also permit authors to post the final version of the published article on their own website and to submit it to their funding agency’s and/or their institution’s preferred archive. It is not permitted to post the article at any service for commercial use.

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