Friday, September 25, 2009

Mendeley scrobbles your papers

Mendeley is a social web application for academic authors that has been receiving quite a lot of attention recently. Victor Keegan wrote about it in The Guardian last week, likening it to the streaming music service

You can recommend other people’s papers and see how many people are reading yours, which you can’t do in Nature and Science.

The company itself is formed of a team of researchers, graduates and software engineers from a number of prestigious UK, German and US institutions (including several of our Partners - Stanford, Imperial College, Warwick and Cambridge). It currently has over 4.7m downloadable items and is adding tens of thousands every day. I checked over the last two days, and it added just over 62,000 on Tuesday, and nearly 64,000 on Wednesday. Statistics for users reveal that bioscientists (19.4%) and computer and information scientists (19.1%) are the largest groups, with medics (7%) trailing way behind in third place

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