Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Citizendium is holding a Biology Week Sept 22-29

From the Citizendium announcement:

During this week, biologists and anyone interested in the topic are invited to test the Citizendium system. Editors and authors from the project’s Biology Workgroup will be on hand to meet and greet new people on the wiki. ‘I strongly believe that the Citizendium system will be appealing to many scientists and scholars’, said Sanger. ‘Many of them just need to give it a try. Biology Week is an excuse for biologists to try out the system together.’

The Citizendium, or ‘citizens’ compendium’, uses the same software as Wikipedia and is a public-expert hybrid project to produce a general reference resource. The community encourages general public participation, but makes a low-key, guiding role for experts. It also requires real names and asks contributors to sign a ‘social contract’. As a result, the project is said to be vandalism-free and, despite its youth (its public launch was just 18 months ago), has steadily added more than 8,000 articles.

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