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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Palgrave Macmillan launch initiative offering Open Access publishing to scholars in the social sciences

Palgrave Macmillan today announces the launch of Palgrave Open (www.palgrave-journals.com/palgraveopen/) offering authors of accepted primary research papers the option to publish their articles with immediate open access.

Working in collaboration with scholarly institutions and learned society partners, Palgrave Macmillan has selected eighteen journals to offer Open Access at launch:

* BioSocieties
* British Politics
* Comparative European Politics
* Contemporary Political Theory
* European Journal of Development Research
* French Politics
* International Politics
* Journal of Asset Management
* Journal of Brand Management
* Journal of Banking Regulation
* Journal of Derivatives & Hedge Funds
* Journal of International Business Studies
* Journal of Public Health Policy
* Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management
* Journal of Simulation
* OR Insight
* Social Theory & Health
* Subjectivity

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Large survey of author attitudes towards Open Access publishing

8,000 authors favour Open Access and see direct evidence of the positive impact/

Today InTech, an Open Access publisher, has made available results from a recent survey of over 8,000 authors to determine their attitudes towards Open Access.

The benefits of the Open Access (OA) model continue to be debated by publishers and librarians, but relatively little research has been undertaken to understand the attitudes of researchers. It was with this in mind that InTech, a commercial Open Access publisher with a focus on book publishing, commissioned TBI to survey its 25,000 author- base to help better understand researcher awareness of and attitudes towards this evolving model.

The survey attracted a very high response rate – 32% (over 8,000) of InTech authors responded, showing a high level of interest and engagement. Responders were drawn from all over the world, and most defined their role as ‘researcher’ (78%) covering a broad range of specialties.

Royal Society launches Open Biology

Open Biology is an open access journal covering research in cellular and molecular aspects of biology.
Open Biology will publish original, high quality research in cell biology, developmental and structural biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, immunology, microbiology and genetics.

Submissions begin July 2011

Open Biology will begin receiving submissions of research articles starting in July 2011. The criteria for acceptance will be high quality, importance and originality.

Friday, May 6, 2011

United Nations Economic Commision for Africa (UNECA) institutional repository launches

In its 50 years of existence, UNECA has created and holds a vast quantity of information and Knowledge in a variety of formats, including printed and electronic. These represent the corporate memory, providing historical evidence of its actions and decisions. The information resources include published materials such as flagship publications, journal articles, conference proceedings, technical reports, mission reports, annual reports, working papers, speeches and other grey literature, all which outline important research or decisions that have been made on the economic and social developmental aspects in Africa.

The Institutional Repository of the Economic Commission for Africa offers unique knowledge and information not available elsewhere pertaining to regional programmes, decisions and resolutions promoting social and economic development in Africa.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heading for the open road: costs and benefits of transitions in scholarly communications

This new report investigates the drivers, costs and benefits of potential ways to increase access to scholarly journals. It identifies five different routes for achieving that end over the next five years, and compares and evaluates the benefits as well as the costs and risks for the UK.

Monday, March 14, 2011

UCD Open Access Institutional Repository informational sessions

A series of talks and workshops will be held on a new service that allows you to put your research publications online, free of charge, without subscriptions or other barriers to access, open to all UCD researchers and staff engaged in scholarly publication .

Providing open access to your publications through the UCD Institutional Repository will increase your visibility, showcase your research, enhance your School, College or Research Centre's reputation, fulfil funding requirements and build valuable research and industry connections.

An informational leaflet is available at: http://www.ucd.ie/library/repository/files/guide.pdf

Each talk will cover reasons and incentives for putting your research online via the Institutional Repository; workshops will be practical sessions on how to upload items and track usage trends (downloads) for individual items, Schools, Colleges and Research Centres.

1:15 Tuesday 22nd March, C108 Arts building
1:15 Thursday 24th March, B109 Health Sciences Building

1:15 Tuesday 29th March, Health Sciences Library Information Skills room
1:15 Wednesday 30th March, G30 Agricultural Sciences Building

Expressions of interest are welcome but booking in advance is not required.

For more information, please contact Joseph Greene, Institutional Repository Project Manager on 01 7167398 or joseph.greene&ucd.ie